Ghostbound inks deal with A Sad Sadness Song

Ghostbound was initially formed as the long-gestating vehicle for the songwriting of Brooklyn-based musician/actor Alec A. Head (Kosmodemonic). Founded when he was still in his teens under the name of Timshel, Ghostbound did not truly take form until 2013, at which he point he began to seek like-minded musicians in an effort to complete what he started years before. Exploring themes of life, loss, grief, isolation, wanderings both inner and outer, and the simultaneously friendly and vicious ghosts that hover beside all of us. All is Phantom, the imminently-released debut long-player, represents the culmination of the band’s effort and vision to date. There is a time to divide and there’s a chance to unite common feelings onto a musical landscape. Cinematic rock/metal with nods toward black metal, post-punk, 80s “big music” in the vein of Crowded House, The Waterboys, Big Country et al, in addition to ambient/atmospheric music, and the Singer/Songwriters of yesteryear. Fans of Anathema, Alcest, Wovenhand, Agalloch, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Scott Walker, Talk Talk, and The Chameleons would do well to hear this. Debut album titled “All is Phantom” will be published by A Sad Sadness Song in June 2018, more news and details to come. www.facebook.com/GhostboundThrone... read more

ATMF046 NOVA – “Soli Contro il Mondo” Ltd A5 Digipak with embossed items on the cover

The highly anticipated NOVA come-back “Soli Contro il Mondo” will be in stock on December 18th, 2017 on a special limited to 300 units A5 Digiapak Format. As fro the NOVA’s debut artwork has been crafted by the notorious artist Francesco Gemelli (Abigor, Katatonia and many other to be mentioned) Pre-orders have been activated on both ATMF ESHOP ATMF BANDCAMP Physical format will include 1 extra hidden track. Tracklist: 1) Guerra per il Firmamento 5:31 2) Crolla l’Empireo 3:55 3) Pietra della Corona di Lucifero 5:34 4) Soli Contro il Mondo 3:39 5) Pendenti da Forche 3:52 6) Contro il Drago e il Toro 4:11 7) Ad Apollo 2:48 8) Universo Campo di Sterminio 5:05 9) Terra dei Morti 4:37 10) hidden track Preview songs are available @ATMF Bandacamp “Soli Contro il Mondo”, Alone standing against the world, has to be considered as the spiritual continuation of “il Ritorno” , The Return, where a collective rediscover of forgotten references is made living on a naturally hostile environment. Moving to the musical and creative side new solutions have been evolved into the typical Nova sound. Kali Yuga is meant as a vicious joke of the demiurge, that shaped a human shell simulacrum, where we have been thrown. Breaking the veil of Maya, the musicality of the medieval Black Metal poetry of the Troubadours traditions meets the speed and intensity of the modern Archeofuturismo. This revolt movement born in Italian to reverse the decadent situation taking ancient inspiration to an instinctive modern form, takes Nova to sharpen their riffs to evoke pre-human strengths. On the background there will be some essential... read more

CULT006 FORGOTTEN WOODS – “The Curse of Mankind” Digipak

Originally released in 1996, “The Curse of Mankind” is generally considered as a true milestone in the Norwegian band’s discography. A reference point for the parallel project known as Joyless, this Forgotten Woods’ classic drowns a raging coldness into a decaying scenario. “The Curse Of Mankind” is to be considered as a primeval evolution of the typical grim Norwegian Black Metal style, in a similar way to how Burzum evolved into a more transcendental naturalistic form. It reaches an epic mood without choosing the easiest way, instead digging into dark territories. Contempt and spite upon a scene seeking for a commercial label proved to be an incredible source of inspiration in shaping an unique album. Following the success of the “As the Wolves Gather” reissue, with this new chapter ATMF adds another gem to its series of cult editions. The first run is limited to 500 copies and includes an unreleased / alternative song as well as the usual extensive track-by-track retrospective by former member Rune Vedda, explaining all the direct and indirect inspirations that made “The Curse… ” to happen. The liner notes will be accompanied with the old, original artwork, to not ruin the album’s primeval feeling. We emphasize that this new edition of “The Curse Of Mankind” is the only edition fully endorsed and supported by Forgotten Woods, any other edition is simply ripping-off their rights and their fans. Release date : January 12th 2018   Format: Luxury Digipak ed. ltd to 500 copies with extensive booklet Overmotets pris 12:14 My Scars Hold Your Dreams 13:10 The Starlit Waters / I, the Mountain 18:26 With Swans I’ll Share My Thirst 04:40... read more

DEADLY CARNAGE’s “Through the Void, Above the Suns” to be released by A Sad Sadness Song

DEADLY CARNAGE’s “Through the Void, Above the Suns” is a phenomenal journey, an unmatched vision of the Cosmos with all its tangible and intangible components: stars, dark matter, black holes. Forces that regulate it up through Light and Time. Each of those often intangible elements has been characterized and almost humanized, to transcend their original dimensions in order to explain themselves to us in an intelligible, universal language of knowledge and enlightenment. It’s a travel that proceeds from the infinitely small world of raw matter to infinite cosmic distances, where Time and Space finally coincide. After everything has been born and has made its course in a myriad of random possibilities, it comes to entropy, to the absolute frost, the loss of every light, the complete end. And, right after, the Universe starts to breath once again, and the eternal cycle restarts. While in the past DEADLY CARNAGE have explored existentialism, with this new chapter they move towards an universal vision, halfway between science, philosophy, occultism and spirituality. The travel begins early 2018 under the banner of A Sad Sadness Song, the ATMF sub-label that perfectly suites to DEADLY CARNAGE’s evolutive and visionary attitude. Deadly Carnage’s fb page: https://www.facebook.com/DeadlyCarnage/... read more

ATMF “Bastion of Elitism & Spite” / LTD Celebrative T-Shirt – in Stock on October 16th 2017

ATMF “Bastion of Elitism & Spite” / LTD Celebrative T-Shirt – in Stock on October 16th 2017 With the “Bastion of Elitism & Spite” t-shirt ATMF wants to celebrate its many years of struggle and its contempt for the adversities within a scene that becomes each day more conciliatory and harmless, a way to state once again that we don’t conform to rules, and that we are the touchstone to the rest of the metal world.   Limited edition to 200 units, Gildan heavy cotton quality. Extreme sizes & girlies available too. Place preorders through our Eshop at the following link : ATMF T-SHIRT... read more

ELEGIAC inks a deal with ATMF / De Tenebrarum Principio

ATMF & De Tenebrarum Principio proudly present ELEGIAC. Hailing from USA, ELEGIAC inhabit the realms of the most traditional and genuine Black Metal. They ride with a vengeance those same old battlefields illuminated by the glorious black metal blazes of the past, evoking memories of the Walpurgisnacht and – more prosaically – of Finnish/Scandinavian underground metal marvels like Satanic Warmaster, early Gorgoroth, Horna, Sargeist. Raw and abrasive sounding, yet characterized by magnificent melodic guitar lines crashing against walls of primeval hate, “Black Clouds of War” is permeated by a dark mysticism deeply rooted in the collective consciousness of the werewolf’s myth, with all its deriving metaphysical metaphors and spiritual implications. An overwhelming enthusiasm will conquer the most nostalgic black metal hearts in the scene. First step of the cooperation will be the limited digipak edition of ” “Black Clouds of War” on early December 2017. ELEGIAC fb page: https://www.facebook.com/Elegiac-311140892407757/ ELEGIAC bandcamp:... read more

ATMF044 THE NEGATIVE BIAS – Lamentation of the Chaos Omega

Can we expect something ambitious moving from the late 90ies Black metal inspiration?
Does Atmospheric Black Metal finally break the borders? I.F.S. (ex ALASTOR) as the main founder of THE NEGATIVE BIAS realizes his own visions with the musical help of S.T. of the seminal project GOLDEN DAWN (band active since 1992) & RAUHNÅCHT.
Their symphonic musicianship is now at the service of this new project.
Mixing futurist pessimist cold perceptions and a visionary spectrum of primeval fear, THE NEGATIVE BIAS looks over the usual terrestrial wall, raising an even more disturbing assumption on the novel of the future.
 Hate can be easily analyzed by the human science but opening the portal of a new experimental universe may raise new monsters. The musical approach of this album consists of wisely alternated atmospheric and ambient layers over Symphonic Black Metal that doesn’t run the risk to sound too nostalgic, but that aspires to paint a new flux. There is no feeling of being merely lost in the cosmos but following a precise conceptual storyboard and complex songwriting, still lot has to be told by the music itself. “The Negative Bias (TNB) will transform you into the might of infinity, a transcendental nightmare from the deepest darkspace. We want to create a special evocative atmosphere that awakes the internal need for destruction, but also in the same step the glorious desire to end all in chaos. With ATMF we have found a superb partner for the upcoming releases and a future collaboration.” (I.F.S.) The first record will be named
-LAMENTATION OF THE CHAOS OMEGA- and will include 6 tracks full of cosmic faith. To be... read more

SSS019 TALV – Entering a Timeless Winter

Hailing from Italy, TALV started in early 2012 under the name of Trees In The Fog. Their purpose has always been to merge dissonant and melancholic black metal with a touch of ambient music. Like painting a dismal scenario, Talv’s new effort is drowned into the darkest north-Italian naturalistic black metal inspiration. The cold and freezing guitar sound reminds of Tenebrae in Perpetuum and Beatrik’s classics, while the prevailing desperate feelings position the band within the groove of depressive black metal. What makes of Talv a personal and unique project is the wise equilibrium between a hateful, cold hunger and a fragile background soundscape. The ColdWorld cover further emphasizes the strong visionary ambient perspective and inspiration of this raising underground project. Scheduled for an October 6th release under the banner of A Sad Sadness Song banner on jewelcase edition, Talv’s new album “Entering a Timeless Winter” is going to reveal the artistic direction of this new cold journey.” The new album and the new fresh cooperation with ATMF has been the right time to make a new superb logo by Christophe Szpajdel. Summer Dying fast… TALV fb... read more

SSS018 LASCAR – Saudade

Hailing from Chile, LASCAR is back with their sophomore release, “Saudade”, an album that moves exactly along the lines of its illustrious predecessor (“Absence”, 2016), underlining once again the band’s naturalistic approach – masterfully represented by the pictorial artwork – and marking a perfect syncretism of those feelings of loss, fragility and desperation that have always been LASCAR’s trademark. Their emotional post-black metal offers a unique interpretation of the apparent conflict on the naturalistic experience. The “Saudade” implies a sense of abandon and a nostalgic mourning manifested within an artistic environment. Modernity as an appetite for destruction of all natural forms of existence, and the unavoidable emotive fallout that follows. Release date : September 15th, 2017 on Cd format by A Sad Sadnes Song, LP edition (limited edition too) by Thronemaster rec. (some units will be available for Preorder on early September).... read more

SSS017 FALAISE – My Endless Immensity

The sole definition of Depressive Black Metal doesn’t fit anymore to Falaise. With their second effort the italian duo is ready to further cross the boundries of this genre to involve the expanding vision of post-rock and indie tunes. This defragmented vanishing flux of emotions is well shifted on the cover, the mind and the feelings are like swallowed into the infinity of cosmos. A tribute to Amesoeurs is performed with the cover song “Les Ruches Malades” providing a possible chance of comparision. If “As Time Goes Bye” was already an impressive and coherent collection of emotionally heart wrenching songs maturity has been achieved with “My Endless Immensity”, where the different chapters seems like part of a bigger scenario. Tracklist: 1) Nightgaze 2) The Embrace Of Water 3) You Towards Me 4) Crimson Clouds 5) Dreariness 6) The Abyss 7) Sweltering City 8) Pristine Universe 9) A Veil Of Stars 10) Les Ruches Malades (Amesoeurs Cover) Total Playing: 53 mins Release date: September 7th, 2017 Preview Song:... read more

DEVLSY signs with ATMF, a new avantgardist dimension and fusion of blackened extreme metal

DEVLSY is a collaboration of four individuals from Vilnius, Lithuania. Born around 2011 as an attempt in merging black metal and shoegaze, Devlsy’s musical approach and style quickly developed into something truly original and unique even by post-black metal standards, thanks to a clever blend of low-tuned guitars with various sorts of harsh vocals and – most importantly – the characteristic “singing” distorted bass. The debut album “A Parade of States” was brewed following such a recipe, and can be described as a journey into the internal workings and uneasiness of a distorted mind. The upcoming sophomore release, fixed for early October, appropriately titled “Private Suite“, is an invitation to go deeper and make further steps into DEVLSY’s incredible stylistic maze. Come enter if you dare, and explore the multiple hidden chambers of their very special post-black metal private suite. The song “Bring My Word” features guest vocals by Dave Ed from the mighty Neurosis. DEVLSY facebook... read more

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