BLOSSE inks deal with ATMF / De Tenebrarum Principio

BLOSSE is a Lo-fi Black-Ambient Metal solo act from Montreal, Québec. Main inspirations of the sole mastermind Noctis (see also: Alkymist, Calvaire, Maeskyyrn, Nachteule) are Lunar Aurora, The Ruins Of Beverast, and Paysage D’Hiver. Cold as ice and with a profund sense of loss, Blosse will draw you to cracking majestic territories of lone perdition. More news to come, De Tenebrarum Principio is planning a  full lenght edition of the latest BLOSSE’s creation “Nocturne” including the ep “Era Noire” as extra. Blosse FB page:... read more

3rd ATMF Fest

For its 3rd edition the ATMF Fest will join forces with the Eresia Metalfest and share the same venue. This edition of the ATMF fest will take place on Friday 9th of August, 2019. The venue is a large area located nearby Resia’s (Udine, Italy) soccer field. Expect a big improvement compared to the past year edition, a further effort to offer a festival in line with the record label policy. The first co-headliner will be GOATH from Germany, performing a deadly form of Orthodox Black Metal. Expect nothing but a masterful live performance. We’ve invited back THE NEGATIVE BIAS, the Austrian masters of Atmospheric & Symphonic Black Metal. The band is working on their second effort, more news to come. COMANDO PRAETORIO, featuring members from Italy’s Movimento D’Avanguardia Ermetico are one of the most promising projects coming from our fatherland. They play a cathartic form of atmospheric Black Metal. DUIRVIR feature Galar, ABSENTIA LUNAE’s bass player, and are at works to shape an ambitious merging of atmospheric and folk black metal shadings. The opening band will be GRIMACE GALL, performing a genuine form of ’90 inspired Black Metal. 9th August, 2019 FREE ENTRY Venue:  Campo Sportivo di Resia Via Flavia, 33010 Resia UD On Google Maps: https://www.google.it/maps/place/Campo+Sportivo+di+Resia,+Via+Flavia,+33010+Resia+UD/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x477a159176ef4db9:0xa6a3b410ebfb5636?ved=2ahUKEwiBu5uZlf3gAhUpwAIHHX1WBkAQ8gEwAHoECAAQAQ Here’s the bill: GOATH (GER) Orthodox Black Metal THE NEGATIVE BIAS (AUT) Symphonic-Atmospheric Black Metal COMANDO PRAETORIO (ITA) Black Metal DUIRVIR (ITA) Atmospheric Folk-Black Metal GRIMACE GALL (ITA) Black Metal We stronly suggest all our visitors to stay in Resia for August 10th & 11th either, cause Eresia Metalfest will take place during this period, the 2 days after ATMF fest.... read more

SSS023 Falaise – A Place I Don’t Belong To

After two acclaimed albums, Falaise are now ready to make a further step in their artistic growth. The main album concept relates to the sense of loss and perdition that human beings suffer for by living in modern megalopolis, so devoid of personality and soul. “A Place I Don’t Belong To” is an urban desire of escapism drowned under a veil of melancholy and sadness. Like homeless wanderers towards nothingness, Falaise members draw a dramatic painting of despondency. Their feelings of loss and confusion take a post-black metal shape, so much that it comes to mind another band that has been part of the ATMF’s history, LANTLOS. Falaise’s music conjures up the disturbing feeling of being isolated by the world’s inner core, where hopelessness and desperation unfolds on grey walls of sound. Dreams and pale shading of solitary consciousness are mingled with the wordless grey reality, but the post rock psychedelic influences do not wash away Falaise’s depressive black metal roots, while noise and ambient elements concur to the multifaceted and introspective mood of the album. The third effort by the Italian duo, “A Place I Don’t Belong To”, is a perfect synthesis between the black metal character of the band’s debut and the post-rock currents of its come-back, an un-cathartic journey through the sewers of modernity. Catalogue number : SSS023  FIle under: Blackgaze Tracklist: 1) Intro  2:13 2) Once, My Home  7:16 3) When The Sun Was Warming My Heart  6:01 4) A Place I Don_t Belong To   5:17 5)  An Emptiness Full Of You   6:47 6) Leaves In The Wind    6:12 7) Consumed Soul  5:59 8) Holding Nothing  5:48 Total Running Time: 45:33... read more

DTP038 AERA – The Craving Within

The Swedish & Norwegian combo is back, this time involving singer Stein Akslen (Blodsgard, Minneriket, Vakslen, V0id&Khaos) together with formed member Ulf Kveldulfsson, with an album able to evoke the epic aurea of the early ’90. All fans into early Borknagar & Ulver stuff will find strong references to the northern hemisphere inspired music. Like walking in front of a majestic scenario AERA accompany the listener to an Epic journey where echoes of past glories and myths play a dominant role. Tracklist: 1. Skaldens Død 05:40 2. Frost Within 08:52 3. Rite of Odin 07:06 4. Profetien 06:20 5. Join Me Tomorrow 08:38 6. Norrøn Magi 06:16 Total running time: 42:52 Release date : January 25th 2019 Bandcamp 2 songs audio preview: Cd edition can be preordered at the new ATMF & I VOIDHANGER Records official eshop METAL ODYSSEY @ https://metalodyssey.8merch.com/product/aera-the-craving-within-cd/... read more

Here’s ATMF & IVR new eshop, METAL ODYSSEY!

Today we inaugurate our new eshop, METAL ODYSSEY! Featuring all the releases from ATMF, I Voidhanger Records, A Sadness Song and De Tenebrarum Principio, the METAL ODYSSEY eshop will provide worldwide professional delivery, first class customer service and nice prices. From now on, we will use Bandcamp exclusively for promotion and digital sales, while physical products will be available for purchase from our eshop first, and through our usual distribution channels later. We’ve open preorders to the JOYLESS cult re-edition. Join the obscurantist horde at: https://metalodyssey.8merch.com/... read more

JOYLESS – “Unlimited Hate” & JOYLESS – “Wisdom & Arrogance” Cult 008/009

Shortly following the successful re-editions of FORGOTTEN WOODS’ cult albums “As The Wolves gather” and “The Curse of Mankind”, it’s now time to offer the same treatment to the most controversial and innovative project of the Norwegian combo, JOYLESS. “Unlimited Hate” has been the starting point of the JOYLESS experience. Originally presented in 1997, part of the album was created for FORGOTTEN WOODS and therefore recalls their typical Norwegian black metal rawness, but filtered through new wave & post-rock elements that made this negative piece of art unique. The cult edition of “Unlimited Hate” includes 3 extra songs that have to be considered, according to Rune Vedaa’s opinion, as the perfect link between the 2 efforts: “Fulfillment and Entity’s Embraced” from the split vs Apokryphus, “Swansmile” and “Room of Velvet Splendour Pt.2” from the “Blue in the Face” 99′ EP. “Wisdom & Arrogance” is of course the second output of the project, but also the first to show JOYLESS in a comprehensive form, an evolution of the first wild signs that characterized the band’s debut, with songs swifting towards more contaminated negative rock territories. The album has been indeed an influence on the scene and was released by the young Kvarforth (Shining) via his personal label Selbstmord Services. Both these albums have become part of the ATMF cult edition series to emphasize their importance in experimenting different forms of hateful and negative music, showing the potential progression that Black Metal would have reached at a later stage, and making of JOYLESS a precursor of that irreverent attitude and creativity later flaunted by bands like Lifelover and Shining. “Unlimited Hate”... read more

CULT007 FALGAR – La Dama Del Alba

What if Varg Vikernes’ most appreciated masterpieces Hvis Lyset Tar Oss/Filosofem era would be projected on a melancholic and medieval artistic environment ? The answer, improved by skillful arrangements & a prominent emotional vibe, may be “La Dama Del Alba”. ATMF cult editions take back from the ashes another small gem of the very underground, from Falgar, a project moving from the Black Metal fields of this album to recently land to folk territories. Originally released by Nebular Winter Productions on cassette format “La Dama Del Alba” can be in many ways considered as one of the most remarkable manifestations of the post-burzumish depressive/melancholic wave. Forgotten by the most powerful promotional & distribution channels the cult edition finally provides to this small piece of art a whorty form. The edition is enriched by 2 bonus songs “The Whispers of Diana” & “Her Sacred Dwelling”, never released before on cd format, chosen by the artist as representative of the pre-Dama del Alba Falgar artistic form. “La Dama Del Alba” is now a glorious artistic epitaph of the cult edition, together with the more macabre counterpart Beatrik’s “Journey Through the End of Life”. Cat Number: CULT007 tracklist: 1.    Invocación    01:11 2.    La dama del alba    06:57 3.    Renacimiento    06:25 4.    Seguiré    05:46 5.    Fango y frío    05:11 6.    Laberintos    05:54 7.    Artemisa    06:25 8.    The Whispers of Diana  06:32 9.    Her Sacred Dwelling   08:32 Total Duration: 52 min 53 sec ATMF bandcamp / Falgar  – La Dama Del Alba https://atmfsssdtp.bandcamp.com/album/la-dama-del-alba ATMF eshop:... read more

SSS022 LASCAR – Wildlife

Dreaming & evocative music as the unique Lascar experience is able to spread, Wildlife is slightly different from Saudade for a more varied songwriting approach, alternating mid tempo to some faster parts, in a more many-sided way. A sensible romantic vision on the naturalistic world is the exact picture that Lascar’s music paints on the canvas. Luckely this mature form of musical evolution is not missing their introspectve target. The sometimes apparently calm feeling give a chance & glimpse to the modern man to further investigate about the sense of loss and misunderstanding of the schizophrenic human evolution. The web lays over our head. Release Date: October 25th, 2018 Cat Number: SSS022 Tracklist: 1 The Disdain 06:27 2 Petals 06:06 3 Submission 05:57 4 the Zenith 06:43 5 Fatigure 07:01 6 The Majestic Decay 08:02 Total Running Time: 40 min 26 sec Pre-order via Bandcamp & 2 songs streaming preview: https://atmfsssdtp.bandcamp.com/album/wildlife ATMF ESHOP PREORDER:... read more

DTP037 ELEGIAC – Pagan Storm

Forging the New wave of USBM ELEGIAC are into this creative and productive overwhelming attitude that all the most influent bands of the ’90 where in at their very beginning. Nevertheless ”Pagan Storm” is moving from the more straight ahead approach of the previous “Black Clouds of War” to a more varied and mature song-writing, alternating the typical assaults to solid imposing mid tempos. The feeling getting in to the album is to proceed deeper and deeper into the heritage gut. Pagan Storm dwells with the most typical references of the early Scandinavian heritage influenced by the more pragmatic synthesis of the USBM roughness. On the aesthetic musically manifested on a rude attitude, not caring about all the modern post frills, we can perceive “Pagan Storm” as the voice of the rotten ruins, an echo of the primordial hate. Strictly limited to 300 copies edition on the same quality digipak format. 1. Rituals of War 8:17 2. Allegiance and Honor 5:07 3. Somber Morning 10:20 4. Through Ancient Eyes 7:33 5. Purity of Winter 7:03 6. Golden Fires of Victory 6:49 7. Pagan Storm 7:16 8. Ancient Spirit 9:41 Total Running Time: 1:02:06 order your copy there: ELEGIAC – PAGAN STORM... read more


Kommandant – Blood Eel cat number: ATMF047 1 Absolutum 4:05 2 Blood Eel 7:15 3 The Struggle 5:25 4 Ice Giant 8:47 5 Cimmerian Thrust 7:42 6 Aeon Generator 7:10 7 Moon…The Last Man 8:14 Total running time 48:38 min During their years of activity KOMMANDANT showed how consistency can match in a constructive way with progression forging a solid extreme metal aggression. The misappropriate ear can easily point out how a crossover of Black Metal & Brutal Death can be a label for KOMMANDANT, but the story is far more complex. “Blood Eel” is the most obvious symptom of this artistic path. The production is taking the coldness of the ’90 bm fetish to a professional and powerful soundscape where all instruments take part to the murderous party. Drums performance is huge and if any reference can be recalled as the Marduk capability of Panzer Division, this one meets the darker and oppressive side of Black Metal on the guitars side. Following the eureka moment of the cover the cruelty of human nature meets the purity and apparent starlit calm of the cosmos, with something breeding on the background ready to explode. The moment after the first atmospheric suspense of the intro is a storm of aggression, where the few moments of peaceful interludes just make the whole thing even more impressive. KOMMANDANT combine the strength of Marduk & Infernal War with the subtle shadings of conceptual depth. Feeding on the confusion and scorn of our times, this is the sonic renaissance annealed by a hammer of destruction. “Blood Eel” will see the light on 2 high quality... read more

AQUILUS “Griseus” celebrative T-SHIRT

AQUILUS “Griseus”, released by ATMF on December 2011, is still to be recognized as one of the most impressive and powerful new century artistic creations. ATMF is proud to announce an AQUILUS celebrative T-SHIRT. Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXL. FRUIT OF THE LOOM Valueweight T-shirt is expected to be in Stock on June 15th, 2018. Preorder are active on our eshop: https://eshop.atmf.net/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=36307 and on the merchandise section of our bandcamp page: https://atmfsssdtp.bandcamp.com/merch/aquilus-official-t-shirt-in-stock-on-june-25th-2018... read more

2ND ATMF FEST on September 1st, 2018

The 2nd edition of the ATMF fest will keep on burning the black flame. Symphonic and Atmospheric Black Metal fans will have the chance to catch onstage THE NEGATIVE BIAS, who release a very succesfull debut album on late 2017 via ATMF, featuring on the keys the GOLDEN DAWN’s mastermind. NIBIRU will evocate hell with their rusty, dirty, Lovecraft inspired, slugdy drone-doom metal, the chtonic forces will raise upon the stage. After we missed the very best of the Italian Black Metal Scene NOVA overtook the weight of oncarring the flag of the Ossianic & Epic Black Metal, they will once again join the ATMF fest stage. The festival will also promote some interesting local bands manifesting the most genuine form of Black Metal / Death Metal. AGANIS are one of the most promising bands of the Italian scene, featuring a very evocative and obscure form of Occult Black Metal. CHRONIC HATE deals with technical and skillful Death Metal and will provide fresh blood to the fest. GATES OF DOOM propose a personal merging of Epic Death/Black Metal. Here’s the bill: THE NEGATIVE BIAS (AUT) Symphonic-Atmospheric Black Metal NIBIRU (IT) Psychedelic Sludge/Drone/Doom Metal NOVA (IT) Ossianic Black Metal CHRONIC HATE (IT) Technical Death Metal AGANIS (IT) Illyrian Black Metal GATES OF DOOM (IT) Epic Black Metal Date : September 1st, 2018 Venue: Campo Sportivo di Vedronza / Njivica, LUSEVERA (UD), ITALY Opening Time: 18:30 pm. As for the past edition we’ll grant FREE ENTRY & FREE CAMPING. FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/119287432269285/ ATMF FEST’s FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/ATMF-FEST-146951152605419/ THE NEGATIVE BIAS (AUT) Symphonic-Atmospheric Black Metal https://www.facebook.com/thenegativebias/ NIBIRU (IT) Psychedelic Sludge/Drone/Doom Metal https://www.facebook.com/nibiruritual/ NOVA (IT)... read more

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