ATMF039 – HAAR / UR DRAUGR – Ur Draugr / Haar (split 4-panel Digipak cd)

Cd, 2016 Black and death metal are often regarded as hostile to innovation, preferring instead to rely on staid ideas. A new alliance between HAAR, the forefront of Scotland’s discordant avant-garde, and UR-DRAUGR, a mighty, progressive Australian black metal force, proves that such orthodoxy is merely a border to be crossed by the curious. Perfectly merging the musical atmosphere and sinister evokations of both artists, this split release is powerfully supported by the artistic vision of Costin Chioreanu, who has truly captured the essence of Ur Draugr and Haar’s message in visual manifestation. Over the course of three dissonant, savage tracks, Haar explore the concept of Sehnsucht, the almost pathological yearning the human psyche has for faith, to believe in some sort of supernatural essence or meaning, to find significance or resonance amidst the chaos of mundane existence. Ur Draugr contribute with a single, esoteric track of nearly twenty minutes in length, which inducts the listener into a journey inspired by the philosophical traditions of Baudrillard and Nietzsche, Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle, and Robert Chambers’ ‘The King in Yellow’. Digital Preview / Sale: TRACKLIST 1 – Haar – Extinction 08:30 2 – Haar – Strings 06:31 3 – Haar – Architects 07:54 4 – Ur Draugr – The Vista Profunda 19:40 Total Running Time: 42:35 BUY PHYSICAL NOW BUY... read more


ATMF proceeds unveiling the darkest mysticism of black metal elitism, all hail DIĜIR GIDIM. Digir was a cuneiform symbol made to represent supreme divinity An or Anu, It also denotes a God if it’s placed in front of a name. Ego is dissolved on a primordial return to elevate the supreme will. Ego is meant like the rotten gift of civilization and all religions related to the 4 senses. This process has to pass through 7 portals, transcending the meaning of good and bad as lately managed by dominant modern religions, following instead the Sumerian path. Not to be slaves but to become an unity the them and the universe, the ancient gods. On the first chapter the coming of Utanapištim Ziusudra, half man, half god and Lalartu, the phantom god faceless and intangible, bringer of the inner lights on this corrupted world. The DIĜIR GIDIM is nothing but an exoteric key of knowledge for the initiate. Musically being still part of the black metal tradition this project manifest something unique, a perfect soundtrack of this obscure mystical journey. Avantgarde feelings and innovative musical solutions are absorbed by the tremendous threating feeling that DG are able to evoke. If the Symbol is still hidden and unclear to you, just make a step ahead and listen to our advanced preview. Debut album will most probably fall on November... read more


The Loom of Time is a novel blend of black metal, death metal and doom – music that constantly forges forward, but keeps its roots in the unassailable heritage of rock and heavy metal. In a world of passionless, formulaic music, Loom gives us a glimpse of what metal might have been had the genre progressed without leaving behind the grit, fire, depth and creativity that today’s trend-chasers never seemed to grasp. Some people may recall shadings of the early Marduk saga or references as Immortal, Emperor, tempered with Candlemass doom epic & Angel Witch feeling, creates a sound that keeps the soul of heavy metal intact, whilst stepping forward musically and lyrically – facing the questions that confront mankind, that may never truly be answered. The band is a perfect example of the ATMF attitude, innovative but rooted to the past, moving forward and forging new classics. The first step of the cooperation will be the release in cd format of their impressive debut album “NihilReich” in October 2016. Cd, 2016 1. The Ashes of Your Fall          06:39 2. The Pinnacle of Hypocrisy 04:40 3. The Cries of the Weak 05:32 4. The Greed of Lesser Men 05:24 5. The Peons of the Cosmos 06:42 6. The Fight for the Subhuman 05:21 Total Running Time:   34:18 Digital preview / sale: BUY PHYSICAL NOW BUY DIGITAL NOW  ... read more

FALAISE joined our ranks

We’re proud to announce that FALAISE joined our ranks and we’ll release their debut album “As Time Goes By” that until today is available on digital format only. After an highly appreciated debut ep, dealing into post-rock territories, Falaise are ready to move on contaminating their musical offer with the depressive and melancholic aura of the greyscale metal. The highly anticipated album showed this progression, reminding in some passages bands like Amesoeurs, Austere, An Autumn for Crippled Children & Woods of Desolation, merged with the liquid rockish shape of the debut ep. Free streaming of the album: https://falaise.bandcamp.com/album/as-time-goes-by Release date: July 1st,... read more


There are dark feelings that just a raw and vicious formula can emphasize, the true black metal has been too long a label abused by project just repeating some external clichés. Near are part of the Dolomitic Northern-Italian Black Metal scene, an heritage of acts like Tenebrae in Perpetuum, Beatrik, Lorn, deeply connected to the territory, keeping the black flame burning into isolated lands. “Own Sun” stays, as the immortal feeling, manifesting a ’90 inspired album that will leave a further mark into glorifying dark side of nature, the cold winds blowing into the uncertainty of feeble human life. TRACKLIST 1 Old Springs of Astral Matter              6:53 2 Invoking the Night                             8:34 3 The Weight of Life                             7:12 4 The Hidden Side of Mankind             4:26 5 The Eyes of the Ancient Trees          4:11 6 The Eternal Light of Illusion               8:26 Total Time:                                          39:42 Release date May 7th, 2016 Preview... read more

New Signing : Lascar

A Sad Sadness Song has a new band to be proud, LASCAR from Chile, a project that is perfectly within the label history & tradition. Shaping obscure, visionary & sorrowful music this project has the right edge and emotional spectrum to become part of the label outline. The impressive album “Absence” will be repressed after the next album release, and deal will stay for a further album. Check them out waiting for the forthcoming updates:... read more

ATMF036 – TEMPLE OF GNOSIS – De Secretis Naturae Alchymica

Temple Of Gnosis is a symphonic occult death/doom project, inspired by the Western esoteric traditions, one of the most admirable musical manifestation of the alchemical process of Enlightenment, representing the dissolution and deconstruction of spiritual elements to form a new form of being. A musical catharsis, underlying the process of emptying and cleansing, the destruction of the original structure in order to build a new one from the ashes. Spread by the sombre spoken vocals, coming from the catacomb of the inner self, Temple of Gnosis states  that there’s no enlightenment without traveling through the darkness. Light, as a state of mind, and darkness go together and act as a single dimension, of which they are the opposite poles. Music consists of a combination of dark ambient, doom-styled & sludgy guitars and death metal vocals, all supported by heavy symphonic and dark keyboards on an unique shape. The goal is to create a dark atmosphere that represents the process shadow-work and discharge of dark emotions, and to represent many other aspects and symbols of the occult tradition transcended through the music. TRACKLIST Unto The Earth 04.43 Serpentium 08.34 Sol Katharsis 07.26 Tree Of Life 08.20 Discipuli H.Trismegistus 06.55 The Twelve Keys 06.20 Absolutio 04.08 Total length  46:26 Digital Preview / Sale: BUY PHYSICAL NOW BUY... read more

YGFAN ink deal with A Sad Sadness Song

A dense fog of emotions, a surreal dark beauty where a listener can lose their mind, travelling into hallucinating states. Far beyond what we generally recognize as Black Metal they’re dealing where the darker side meets post-rock and indie influences and shadings, nothing to do with the recent melting pot but forging a solid and personal style. A Sad Sadness Song, ATMF section dedicated to the promotion of dark and evocative music, the home that contributed on the discovery by the scene of jewels like Svarti Loghin & An Autumn For Crippled Children is now ready to launch a new challenge with Ygfan. Luckely band members comes from different musical scenes providing an original result, dealing black metal, dark rock & folk elements. Band Members: Bodor László Bass Tóth Bálint Drums Szabó Áron Guitars Bálint Zsolt Guitars & Vocals SSS will start re-releasing Köd 32 mins EP on March 2016, and then release the next 2 album of the Hungarian band. YGFAN references: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ygfanband Bandcamp: https://ygfan.bandcamp.com/releases... read more


ATMF037 TITAAN – KADINGIR Digipak, 2016 Too often raw Black Metal has been associated to ambitious conceptual horizons. Too often the first impression has been disappointed by a lack of integrity. The Titaan project proposes a merging guise of a concept dealing with the ancient Mesopotamic culture  and a musical experience transcending the occult black metal feelings with ambient and noisy shadings. The same concept of black metal patterns are melted into an evolving flux drowned into the abyss of an ancient abysmal culture. Conceptually speaking as explained by the mysterious Titaan mastermind: “From the deeper and most ancient past of the Mesopotamic Culture, those who live heavens and subsoils, Gods and Demons, fight one against the other to reach the Eternity, sustaining the entire balance of the Universe; spreading their ancestral message to the mankind through Lalartu, the Greatest Herald, the one who is the Spectre Essence, the Mask Carrier of Fecundity, the Traveller of the Heavens Gate Kadingir, Itinerant Spirit of the Twelfth Planet. Amongst the outermost loneliness, the emptiness and spiritual dismay, the ancient and secret forbidden language with the unpronounceable name, will guide you throughout an introspective and emotional journey across Occult and Ancient Connections, Esoterically and Rituals Boundings, Cosmogony and Cosmology, Universe and Earth, where the Highest and Heavenly Angers, the Strongest Energies which reign the semisphere of the Underworld, will arise through the darkest and deepest sensations of the Self and the Soul, of the Everything and the Nothing.” Digital Preview / Sale: Tracklist: 1) Apsu  – 4:23 2) Nis Ilim Zakaru – 7:49 3) Anur – 3:06 4) Titaan – 4:42 5)... read more


Thanks to the cooperation of some close friends, fans and long supports of our label we’ve decided to start the ATMF STREET TEAM PROJECT. This is made by people we believe to be the right guys in the front to represent our crusade against mediocrity and the decadence of the extreme scene. You can count on them for anything concerning the promotion of our releases in their area of influence, for anything relevant to our bands concerts organization or distribution of our releases in a swift and smart way. Anyone that want to apply to this role for his area can contact us at any time, after we’ll review your motivations and curriculum we’ll explain the conditions to be part of this dark mission. Keeping alive the flame of the underground, updates on the project will soon follow. WE WILL NEVER FORGOT WHERE WE CAME FROM! References: AUSTRIA & GERMANY – Wien Karl Fundulus Contact: [email protected]   CHINA & TAIWAN Michele Furlan Contact: [email protected]     INDIA – ULF/METAL MASALA Contact: [email protected]   ITALY – Emilia Romagna & Central Italy Fabio Arcangeli Contact: [email protected]   ITALY – Emilia Romagna & Central Italy Davide Bacci Contact: [email protected]   ITALY – Friuli Venezia Giulia and Norther Italy Marjan Pascolo Contact: [email protected]   ITALY – Friuli Venezia Giulia and Norther Italy Luca Galar Galasso Contact: [email protected]   ITALY – Sardinia & South Italy Emanuele Prandoni Contact:... read more

UR DRAUGR Pre-order and Ltd-edition T-shirt

Following fans expectations we’ve open the UR DRAUGR presale of “With Hunger Undying” on both cd format: UR DRAUGR – WITH HUNGER UNDYING CD PREORDER and special bundle offer including the limited to 75 units t-shirt (Gildan quality – Heavy Cotton) available on following sizes: Girlie, Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large, XX-Large on the following eshop link: UR DRAUGR – WITH HUNGER UNDYING T-SHIRT+CD PREORDER Official release date still fixed on December... read more


Cd, 2015 Can we expect something new in 2015? “With Hunger Undying” is the answer, a fresh manifestation of progressive & extreme metal on a genuinely personal shape. Same as the sensation that a band like for example Kvelertak made of Black Metal we face there a new form and creature with an unique formula. Moving from the Black & Death metal fields, some of you may hear some influences and touches of the most extreme form of Opeth or shadings of Enslaved, but the final results stays as something challenging and fresh.  The  concept and the impressive artwork designed by  the oil painter artist genius Jess Christensen perfectly integrates the musical creation. The concept handles the ascent to civilization through agriculture, and the subsequent cessation of nomadism, the sinister concentration of religious and political power that has inevitably followed.  Even the logo , designed by Christophe Szpajdel (the famous designer of Emperor, Wolves In The Throne Room, Enthroned) is the seal to a remarkable album, to stay beyond the trends. Track I: Fertile Crescent – 08:40 Track II: Seeds Sown In Famine – 05:42 Track III: Rise Of The Thaumaturge – 03:16 Track IV: Solace Within Torpor – 05:58 Track V: Augur Incarnate (Distended Crown) – 04:50 Track VI: Cult Of The Greatwurm – 05:23 Track VII: Lethe Drinker – 02:45 Track VIII: With Hunger Undying – 09:21 Total length  46:00 Digital Preview / sale: BUY PHYSICAL NOW BUY DIGITAL NOW... read more

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