ATMF052 COMANDO PRAETORIO – Ignee Sacertà Ctonie

ATMF is proud to present COMANDO PRAETORIO’s long-awaited debut album, Ignee Sacertà Ctonie. Formed in 2011 and featuring members of Movimento d’ Avanguardia Ermetico, COMANDO PRAETORIO made their public debut with the Divinità terrifiche EP in 2015. Although the interim has seemed quiet, the band have taken to the stage often and have otherwise been finetuning their debut album. At long last, it bears the title Ignee Sacertà Ctonie. COMANDO PRAETORIO’s Ignee Sacertà Ctonie is a tremendous sonic journey about the chthonic fire cult of Mount Soratte, where ecstatic and wolfish initiatic paths were performed by the Hirpi Sorani, honoring the Inner Sun of Apollo Soratte. Transcending the imminent obscurity, a full-throated voice looms large, storytelling across these four epic-length tracks and representing a deeper understanding of this underworld fire cult, its manifestation brought forth through the wrathful archetypes of extreme music inspiration and spiritualistic sound approach. Indeed, COMANDO PRAETORIO here have shaped their glorification of the forgotten energies, the primeval gods, their vibrant black metal belying grey tones and ominous shading, with cresting-yet-somber guitar lines building a massive wall of doom for the modern man not to overcome. A subtle juxtaposition of extremes, this is, the album’s overt muscularity evading rote aggression for its own sake and instead conveying more profound sensations, a stern austerity that’s custom-built for the strident individualist. Suitably, this noble achievement has been enriched by cover artwork courtesy of the masterful T. Ketola, who’s shaped Deathspell Omega’s visual side since 2004 and has also done high-profile work for Dissection and Watain, among many others. Gaze into its dread landscape and prepare for your journey into COMANDO PRAETORIO’s Ignee Sacertà Ctonie! Tracklisting1... read more

ATMF051 NOVA – Veniamo Dal Cielo

ATMF is proud to present NOVA’s highly anticipated third album, Veniamo Dal Cielo. Formed in 2003, it would not be until 2014 when NOVA would release a public recording. At last, it came with Il ritorno, courtesy of ATMF. It would be followed three years later by Soli contro il mondo, also courtesy of ATMF. Not for nothing has ATMF aligned itself with NOVA: as proven by these two acclaimed full-lengths, NOVA are masters of epic, pagan-inspired black metal with a uniquely Italian touch. Keeping apace, now arrives NOVA’s third album, Veniamo Dal Cielo. Immediately and distinctly NOVA, here we find again a vigorous sound far away from trends, timeless in its craft and execution. No merely digital approach is cheaply or lazily undertaken here; instead, NOVA proudly strive toward a purely analog feeling, instilling life – vital, effervescent LIFE – into ancient, primordial black metal. Within a compact runtime of 35 minutes, Veniamo Dal Cielo brims with strident sorrow and bleary-eyed bloodlust alike, retaining the classicism for which NOVA are known. Fiercely focused but still idiosyncratic, they’re nearly without peer. Special mention must be made of the drum sound on Veniamo Dal Cielo. Here, the shapely weight of sterling melodicism binds together with the cold groove of blackest metal, heightened by guitar lines which draw together tragedy and triumph, all underpinned by that exceptionally analog pulse provided by these natural ‘n’ authentic drums. In essence, everything is always working together to draw the listener into this epic journey, restoring a harmony within and without. NOVA continue their march forward from conquest to conquest with Veniamo Dal Cielo. Join their cause or succumb to their swords’ righteous... read more


Blosse, hailing from Quebec, began in early 2018 with the release of “Le Dernier Crépuscule”, moving from a primitive form of Lo-Fi Black Metal & involving some Dark Ambient elements too.As times passed by the hypnotic, visionary and transcendental substance grown as a key part in the band creative process. Time is suddenly distorted and your body feels heavy. References may be found on projects like Lunar Aurora, Paysage d’Hiver, Trist and The Ruins of Beverast. As the artist mentions : “The term “Lovecraftian” being used to describe any kind of metal that’s a little bit cosmic sounding and weird is insanely overused, and often I don’t think it’s accurate. Not all cosmic horror has to come from something 7000 feet tall and so great we cannot comprehend it. In this sense, this is why Blosse’s music sounds more earthly. I didn’t want to fall into the stereotypes.”The cd edition of “Nocturne” includes “Era Noire” EP as bonus. The EP shows the more meditative and synth inspired side of Blosse, While into “Nocturne” the space synths/choirs are still there, the abrasive guitars are way more center stage contributing to the Blosse’s comprehensive manifestation. “Era Noire” is definitely to be considered a more experimental side of the project: a guitar wall of sound and loop, then adding the synths and merge them with distortion to create a deranged sound.Cover artwork is drawn by Erskine Designs and artwork finalized by Francesco Gemelli (Darkspace, Abigor…).  De Tenebrarum Principio will release “Nocturne” on November 29th, 2019 on a 6 panel digipak shape.Preorders are taken as usual at Metal Odyssey Eshop, ordering from our eshop... read more

ATMF050 Xul ov Kvlten – Entropic Increase From The Omega Aeon

XUL OV KVLTEN are ready to get further exposure via ATMF after the totally underground and strictly limited debut album, where they proved their dedication to the darkest and vilest form of black/death metal. The Chilean combo is now evoking morbidity and chaos, throwing in their cauldron of sound both INQUISITION’s macabre feeling and early EMPEROR’s obscure choruses, in order to glorify the dark lord beyond any sort of modern compromise.Not merely a black metal band with symphonic elements, XUL OV KVLTEN took possession of some elements from the European and US death metal schools, and the result sounds familiar and fresh at the same time. “Entropic Increase From The Omega Aeon” was recorded in DM6 Studio, Chile, between April 2018 and January 2019. If the meaning of true, honest, underground black metal is your mission, XUL OV KVLTEN will ring a bell. The growling vocals and the symbiosis between cold, razor-like guitars, pounding drums and the esoteric vibrations in the background make of this second effort something truly remarkable. Tracklist: Ascend Pathos Signis Dómini 06:59 Destroying the Lamb Instinct 05:26 Entropic Increase from the Omega Aeon 07:53 Quintessence 04:30 Tanatophilic Manifestation 05:11 Nosce Te Ipsvm 04:31 The Primordial Chaos Synthesis 06:26 Hypnoskotomachia Oppositorum 03:20 Iconoclastic Nihilismus 06:00 Total running Time: 50:16 Release date is set for October 4th, 2019. preorder:https://metalodyssey.8merch.com/product/xul-ov-kvlten-entropic-increase-from-the-omega-aeon-cd-preorde Bandcamp preview:... read more

ATMF049 The Negative Bias – Narcissus Rising  (A Metamorphosis In three acts)

The Negative Bias – Narcissus Rising  (A Metamorphosis In three acts) After the acclaimed debut, THE NEGATIVE BIAS are ready to introduce the listeners to a deeper understanding of their unique musical vision, one that transcends the common idea of music as a mere sum of instruments dealing with melodies and patterns. “Narcissus Rising” has a visionary and majestic inspiration that prominently flows though the strings and the synth lines. The evocative force of this new chapter is an exciting merging of 90’s Black Metal echoes and a genuine atmospheric attitude dealing with the dark side of the cosmos, where extreme vibrations are channeled into a vast world of emotions. Someone may recall Limbonic Art’s early works, but the Wagnerian orchestral symbiosis takes distance from this immanent parallelism by crossing the genres’ borders and propitiating the co-existence of ambient and soundtrack-inspired layers. Staying within the meaning of epic like a state of mind, opposed to the traditional understanding of this term, the time pattern moves towards a dimension where the fear to trespass the human point of view is a key factor. Listening to “Narcissus” is like closing your eyes and mind-traveling through new forms of existence and the cruel perceptions that no human philosophy may affect. Release date: July 26th, 2019 “Narcissus Rising” will be divulgated to the human beings in 2 formats: – 6-Panel Digipak CD The Negative Bias – Narcissus Rising (A Metamorphosis In Three Acts) CD – 12” Gatefold LP, Ltd to 150 copies on Gold Vinyl and 150 on Black Vinyl The Negative Bias – Narcissus Rising (A Metamorphosis In Three Acts) LP ——–... read more

CULT010 Blood of Kingu – De Occulta Philosophia

Roman Saenko. The Ukranian multi instrumentalist known predominantly for his folky atmospheric black metal project DRUDKH, HATE FOREST, DARK AGES shaped a project that will stay in the history of experimental Black Metal. ATMF is proud to repress a classic for the underground dealers. This album sets a mark to the Black metal scene spiritual evolution. “Be transported to another place and time, entering a different mindset, embracing an era alien to the dysfunctional defects of modern consumerist materialism. So potent are the spiritual, ritualistic mantras presented on “De Occulta Philosophia” that they escort us (back) – entranced, enraptured, spellbound – to an altered state, unveiling a new yet ancient dimension of Black Metal. So powerful the calls to nature; so dark these entreaties to the elements; so dissonant the summoning of primitivism. Spells resonate like tattoos across the consciousness, transmitting a trance-like transcendence. An inner peace. A stillness. An acceptance. Shamanistic chants, druidic drones, tribal tapping and ancient atmospheres merge together, raw and rhythmic, bleak and blissful. An atmosphere so dense, you can touch it.” As far as the artwork Strictly fitting to the original version this cult edition will further endorse the nostalgic attitude, with a quality 6 panels Digipak. Catalogue Number: CULT010 Tracklist: 1. Indoarika Incognita 01:10 2. Your Blood, Nubia! Your Power, Egypt! 04:28 3. Mummu Tiamat 04:00 4. Stronghold of Megaliths, Thorns and Human Bones 04:35 5. Slaughter of Shudras 00:44 6. Lair of Night Abzu 05:27 7. Black Spectral Wings of Shaman 04:45 8. Vajtarani 00:14 9. Chambers of Inpu-sub 03:03 Total Running Time: 28:26 Preorders taken there, on the usual METAL ODYSSEY... read more

Forgotten Woods’ “Sjel Av Natten” & “As the Wolves Gather” Gatefold LP editions

    We do not need any Lord Of Chaos! We repress history After the acclaimed Digipack Cult edition we move a further step in glorifying Norwegian Black Metal’s heritage FORGOTTEN WOODS “As the Wolves Gather” Gatefold Lp edition, “Sjel Av Natten” Gatefold Lp edition (including bonus track) planned release date on 20th May 2019 both including concept and songs retrospective/comments by Rune V. (Former FW’s Member), main artwork remains within the original spirit. Preorders are open to our official eshop Metal Odyssey (release date May 20th, 2019): https://metalodyssey.8merch.com/product/forgotten-woods-as-the-wolves-gather-lp/ https://metalodyssey.8merch.com/product/forgotten-woods-sjel-av-natten-lp/ ——— GERMAN Version Wir brauchen keinen Lord Of Chaos! Wir veröffentlichen erneut Schwarzmetall Geschichte! Nach der gefeierten Digipack Cult-Edition machen wir einen weiteren Schritt vorwärts und öffnen das nächste Kapitel des norwegischen Black Metal-Erbes. FORGOTTEN WOODS “As the Wolves Gather” Gatefold Lp edition, “Sjel Av Natten” Gatefold Lp edition (inklusive Bonus-Track) Beide inkludieren ebenfalls Liedkonzepte, eine Retrospektive der Band, sowie Vorwort und Kommentare von Rune V. (ehemaliges FW Mitglied) Vorbestellung @ Metal Odyssey Eshop (erscheint offiziell am 20.05.2019): https://metalodyssey.8merch.com/product/forgotten-woods-as-the-wolves-gather-lp/ https://metalodyssey.8merch.com/product/forgotten-woods-sjel-av-natten-lp/ ———-ITALIAN Version Possiamo anche fare a meno di Lord of Chaos! Noi ristampiamo la storia. Dopo le acclamate Digipak Cult edition della storica band Norvegese ATMF è adesso pronta a inaugurare i preordini per le seguenti edizioni che glorificano la storia del Black Metal Norvegese: “As the Wolves Gather” Gatefold Lp edition, “Sjel Av Natten” Gatefold Lp edition (including bonus track) Entrambi, come nell’edizione Digipak includono una retrospettiva concettuale per ogni lavoro e canzone per canzone da parte del membro fondatore del gruppo Rune V. I preordini sono aperti per queste edizioni limitate a 400 copie e fedeli allo spirito... read more

BLOSSE inks deal with ATMF / De Tenebrarum Principio

BLOSSE is a Lo-fi Black-Ambient Metal solo act from Montreal, Québec. Main inspirations of the sole mastermind Noctis (see also: Alkymist, Calvaire, Maeskyyrn, Nachteule) are Lunar Aurora, The Ruins Of Beverast, and Paysage D’Hiver. Cold as ice and with a profund sense of loss, Blosse will draw you to cracking majestic territories of lone perdition. More news to come, De Tenebrarum Principio is planning a  full lenght edition of the latest BLOSSE’s creation “Nocturne” including the ep “Era Noire” as extra. Blosse FB page:... read more

3rd ATMF Fest

For its 3rd edition the ATMF Fest will join forces with the Eresia Metalfest and share the same venue. This edition of the ATMF fest will take place on Friday 9th of August, 2019. The venue is a large area located nearby Resia’s (Udine, Italy) soccer field. Expect a big improvement compared to the past year edition, a further effort to offer a festival in line with the record label policy. The first co-headliner will be GOATH from Germany, performing a deadly form of Orthodox Black Metal. Expect nothing but a masterful live performance. We’ve invited back THE NEGATIVE BIAS, the Austrian masters of Atmospheric & Symphonic Black Metal. The band is working on their second effort, more news to come. COMANDO PRAETORIO, featuring members from Italy’s Movimento D’Avanguardia Ermetico are one of the most promising projects coming from our fatherland. They play a cathartic form of atmospheric Black Metal. DUIRVIR feature Galar, ABSENTIA LUNAE’s bass player, and are at works to shape an ambitious merging of atmospheric and folk black metal shadings. The opening band will be GRIMACE GALL, performing a genuine form of ’90 inspired Black Metal. 9th August, 2019 FREE ENTRY Venue:  Campo Sportivo di Resia Via Flavia, 33010 Resia UD On Google Maps: https://www.google.it/maps/place/Campo+Sportivo+di+Resia,+Via+Flavia,+33010+Resia+UD/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x477a159176ef4db9:0xa6a3b410ebfb5636?ved=2ahUKEwiBu5uZlf3gAhUpwAIHHX1WBkAQ8gEwAHoECAAQAQ Here’s the bill: GOATH (GER) Orthodox Black Metal THE NEGATIVE BIAS (AUT) Symphonic-Atmospheric Black Metal COMANDO PRAETORIO (ITA) Black Metal DUIRVIR (ITA) Atmospheric Folk-Black Metal GRIMACE GALL (ITA) Black Metal We stronly suggest all our visitors to stay in Resia for August 10th & 11th either, cause Eresia Metalfest will take place during this period, the 2 days after ATMF fest.... read more

SSS023 Falaise – A Place I Don’t Belong To

After two acclaimed albums, Falaise are now ready to make a further step in their artistic growth. The main album concept relates to the sense of loss and perdition that human beings suffer for by living in modern megalopolis, so devoid of personality and soul. “A Place I Don’t Belong To” is an urban desire of escapism drowned under a veil of melancholy and sadness. Like homeless wanderers towards nothingness, Falaise members draw a dramatic painting of despondency. Their feelings of loss and confusion take a post-black metal shape, so much that it comes to mind another band that has been part of the ATMF’s history, LANTLOS. Falaise’s music conjures up the disturbing feeling of being isolated by the world’s inner core, where hopelessness and desperation unfolds on grey walls of sound. Dreams and pale shading of solitary consciousness are mingled with the wordless grey reality, but the post rock psychedelic influences do not wash away Falaise’s depressive black metal roots, while noise and ambient elements concur to the multifaceted and introspective mood of the album. The third effort by the Italian duo, “A Place I Don’t Belong To”, is a perfect synthesis between the black metal character of the band’s debut and the post-rock currents of its come-back, an un-cathartic journey through the sewers of modernity. Catalogue number : SSS023  FIle under: Blackgaze Tracklist: 1) Intro  2:13 2) Once, My Home  7:16 3) When The Sun Was Warming My Heart  6:01 4) A Place I Don_t Belong To   5:17 5)  An Emptiness Full Of You   6:47 6) Leaves In The Wind    6:12 7) Consumed Soul  5:59 8) Holding Nothing  5:48 Total Running Time: 45:33... read more

DTP038 AERA – The Craving Within

The Swedish & Norwegian combo is back, this time involving singer Stein Akslen (Blodsgard, Minneriket, Vakslen, V0id&Khaos) together with formed member Ulf Kveldulfsson, with an album able to evoke the epic aurea of the early ’90. All fans into early Borknagar & Ulver stuff will find strong references to the northern hemisphere inspired music. Like walking in front of a majestic scenario AERA accompany the listener to an Epic journey where echoes of past glories and myths play a dominant role. Tracklist: 1. Skaldens Død 05:40 2. Frost Within 08:52 3. Rite of Odin 07:06 4. Profetien 06:20 5. Join Me Tomorrow 08:38 6. Norrøn Magi 06:16 Total running time: 42:52 Release date : January 25th 2019 Bandcamp 2 songs audio preview: Cd edition can be preordered at the new ATMF & I VOIDHANGER Records official eshop METAL ODYSSEY @ https://metalodyssey.8merch.com/product/aera-the-craving-within-cd/... read more

Here’s ATMF & IVR new eshop, METAL ODYSSEY!

Today we inaugurate our new eshop, METAL ODYSSEY! Featuring all the releases from ATMF, I Voidhanger Records, A Sadness Song and De Tenebrarum Principio, the METAL ODYSSEY eshop will provide worldwide professional delivery, first class customer service and nice prices. From now on, we will use Bandcamp exclusively for promotion and digital sales, while physical products will be available for purchase from our eshop first, and through our usual distribution channels later. We’ve open preorders to the JOYLESS cult re-edition. Join the obscurantist horde at: https://metalodyssey.8merch.com/... read more

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