ATMF036 TEMPLE OF GNOSIS – De Secretis Naturae Alchymica

Temple Of Gnosis is a symphonic occult death/doom project, inspired by the Western esoteric traditions, one of the most admirable musical manifestation of the alchemical process of Enlightenment, representing the dissolution and deconstruction of spiritual elements to... read more

YGFAN ink deal with A Sad Sadness Song

A dense fog of emotions, a surreal dark beauty where a listener can lose their mind, travelling into hallucinating states. Far beyond what we generally recognize as Black Metal they’re dealing where the darker side meets post-rock and indie influences... read more


ATMF037 TITAAN – KADINGIR Too often raw Black Metal has been associated to ambitious conceptual horizons. Too often the first impression has been disappointed by a lack of integrity. The Titaan project proposes a merging guise of a concept dealing with the... read more


Thanks to the cooperation of some close friends, fans and long supports of our label we’ve decided to start the ATMF STREET TEAM PROJECT. This is made by people we believe to be the right guys in the front to represent our crusade against mediocrity and the... read more

UR DRAUGR Pre-order and Ltd-edition T-shirt

Following fans expectations we’ve open the UR DRAUGR presale of “With Hunger Undying” on both cd format: UR DRAUGR – WITH HUNGER UNDYING CD PREORDER and special bundle offer including the limited to 75 units t-shirt (Gildan quality –... read more


Can we expect something new in 2015? “With Hunger Undying” is the answer, a fresh manifestation of progressive & extreme metal on a genuinely personal shape. Same as the sensation that a band like for example Kvelertak made of Black Metal we face there a new form... read more

VÉHÉMENCE – Assiégé & KAISERREICH – Cuore Nero

DTP033 VÉHÉMENCE – “Assiégé” gatefold slipcase Cd Release date: Oct. 26th French Medieval Nostalgic Black metal as only Hirilorn milestone ” Legends of Evil and Eternal Death ” was able to deliver. Véhémence – Assiégé will manifest on an ancient... read more

SSS012 SVÄRTA – Sepultus

SSS012 SVÄRTA – Sepultus Release date: July 6th An adrenaline rush, an outburst of rage broken by darkly peaceful moments is where Sepultus manifest the personality of this act from Sweden. The melodic lines are buried into an apparently chaotic aggression able... read more

NOVA first official t-shirt

Thanks to the success & interest that the impressive debut album “Il Ritorno” proved on the past months ATMF decided to print the first strictly limited to 50 units t-shirt of the italian band. Designed by artist Francesco Gemelli (Katatonia, MayheM,... read more

ATMF035 HAAR – The Wayward Ceremony

A Perfect representation of the Haar musical experience is the cover artwork: a distorted and hallucinated vision where a magmatic chaos comes to a primeval form, grabbing the listener to a trip into tunnels of subconscious perceptions. After year of nature based and... read more

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