ATMF035 HAAR – The Wayward Ceremony

A Perfect representation of the Haar musical experience is the cover artwork: a distorted and hallucinated vision where a magmatic chaos comes to a primeval form, grabbing the listener to a trip into tunnels of subconscious perceptions. After year of nature based and... read more

BATTLE DAGORATH LTD to 50 units Official T-Shirt

Release date : February 27, 2015 Official T-Shirt, designed by the artist Francesco Gemelli, will be limited to 50 units and available from our eshop only at the usual 15€ standard price Follow the link to preorder/order it: http://eshop.atmf.net/bd_shirt  ... read more

Ergot debut under the De Tenebrarum Principio Banner

Black Metal ’90 nostalgia is getting stronger, what has been missed from this decade is of course the mysticism & evocative appeal both visually and musically speaking. Ergot is a talented project that moves the steps from the roots of the second half of the ’90... read more

“De Divinatione Daemonum” by NYSEIUS

ATMF034 NYSEIUS – DE DIVINATIONE DAEMONUM NYSEIUS from France will honour the central position of this scene within the orthodox satanic movement. “De Divinatione Daemonum” will raise the ancient wrath inhaling the essence of chaos to those who will... read more


ATMF033 ARVAS – BLACK SATANIC MYSTICISM Norwegian Black Metal scene recently missed the contact with the roots and his primeval spontaneity, trapped into personal avant-gardism ambitions, too often missing the focus because of the individualist ego. Arvas are... read more

ATMF official BANDCAMP Page

ATMF official bandcamp launched: https://atmfsssdtp.bandcamp.com/ all new releases plus old classics will be uploaded, free listen to our material or contribute if you deem to the cause of music reserch into darker... read more

NOVA – “Il Ritorno”

Nova – “Il Ritorno” Release date: October 8th 2014 After Absentia Lunae and Spite Extreme Wing the Italian scene has now a new point of reference “Il Ritorno” is the sum of a long experience of the band members on the Italian underground and luckily... read more

ANIMUS MORTIS new album to be released by ATMF

ANIMUS MORTIS was founded mid 04’ by N.Onfray, after a couple of months the band recluted Sid to take the vocals and with this line up the band recorded the demo “Desolated Landscapes” in the end of 2004. Beginning 05’, Ophiel joined the band in order to have a lineup... read more

MADMANS ESPRIT will soon shock the scene…

A Sad Sadness Song will be soon ready to spread genuine artistic madness once again. Depressive Pop Blackness with a Neoclassic vibe, let’s start saying Madmans Esprit will shock most of the gasoline addicted fire breather, alcoholic anti-scandinavian third-wold... read more

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