NOVA – “Il Ritorno”

Nova – “Il Ritorno” Release date: October 8th 2014 After Absentia Lunae and Spite Extreme Wing the Italian scene has now a new point of reference “Il Ritorno” is the sum of a long experience of the band members on the Italian underground and luckily... read more

ANIMUS MORTIS new album to be released by ATMF

ANIMUS MORTIS was founded mid 04’ by N.Onfray, after a couple of months the band recluted Sid to take the vocals and with this line up the band recorded the demo “Desolated Landscapes” in the end of 2004. Beginning 05’, Ophiel joined the band in order to have a lineup... read more

MADMANS ESPRIT will soon shock the scene…

A Sad Sadness Song will be soon ready to spread genuine artistic madness once again. Depressive Pop Blackness with a Neoclassic vibe, let’s start saying Madmans Esprit will shock most of the gasoline addicted fire breather, alcoholic anti-scandinavian third-wold... read more

Coil Commemorate Enslave Signed

Coil Commemorate Enslave signed under our banner. Band was founded on 2008, and can be easily considered an eminent example of how deeply introspective can be Italian depressive black metal, where prime movers was Forgotten Tomb. “L’infinita vanità del tutto” is... read more

Lustre / Aus Der Transzendenz “VIXERUNT” split 7”

The meeting of two kindred black metal spirits, different in style but similar in scope. An invitation to explore the mysteries of Transcendence through the romantic, nocturnal visions of LUSTRE, and the rapturous speed-of-sound of AUS DER TRANSZENDENZ Side A AUS DER... read more

Deadly Carnage “Manthe”

Deadly Carnage “Manthe” is an aenigmatic word that simply refuse an easely perceivable sum of its complex stream of consciousness. Ultramaterial feelings mixed with the corporeal struggle, self destructive understanding of guilty and modern disease. Moving... read more

URNA about to Perform New Summoning

After four years of silence, URNA strikes back, new album will be summoned on October 2013.  Joined by eon[0] from Progenie Terrestre Pura the band unleashes a new opus of unpredictable music showing off its best album to date; musical extremism merges with the... read more

ARVAS (NOR) under the banner of ATMF

ATMF is proud to announce the signing of  Arvas from Norway featuring ex-members of early constellations of Gorgorhth, Koldbrann & Ancient. The band unleash a mature form of Norwegian Black Metal capable to bring forth the spontaneity of the early years and the... read more


Official video for the song “The Great Escape” of the album “Euphoria… of Flesh, Men and The Great Escape” 2012 Directed by: César Márquez Produced, Story and Concept, Storyboard, Animated, Character Design, 3d Modeling, Mapping Texture,... read more


BATTLE DAGORATH – CURSED STORM OF AGES Visions from the Infinity of Thoughts. Battle Dagorath, moving from The Lord of the Rings grounds, will open the gates to the majesty of the nightsky once more. The infinite of Darkness surrounding the pale lineage of human... read more

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